Silenna and Maria are a sister duo who have the natural ability to inspire individual growth and self-discovery. Together, the sisters have over 20 years of experience in behavior modification, consulting, and counseling.

Through personal life experiences and new philosophies for living a full life, it is important for both women to live a life of laughter and love.

Through the use of intuition coupled with professional training, Maria and Silenna create specialized events to help people meet, match and network, all while having fun and being intellectually stimulated.  

Both women are avid advocates of individual growth. It is their overall goal to create beautiful experiences that will take people outside their comfort zone and into adventure and self- discovery. 

It is Silenna and Maria’s ultimate goal, that these experiences will transcend the physical and make a lasting impression on a subconscious level.  Both women believe that every human being has greatness inside of them. 

We are all a sea of infinite possibilities, and it is our birthright to explore and be happy and free!